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No. 116 - Fancy Fantasy 2016: Which ‘Advanced’ Stats Can Help Me Win My Hockey Pool?, plus Not-so-intangibles with Stefan Wolejszo

September 26, 2016
As called for by annual tradition, it's time for the 2016 edition of the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast's Advanced Stats Primer!

'Which advanced stats are the ones that'll give me a leg up in my pool?' is one of the questions we get most often, and this is the episode where Elan and Brian run down the list of new-ish numbers that they use for their fantasy analysis throughout the year. The guys offer a crash course in finding and understanding rate stats, shooting percentages, IPP, shot attempts for, relative stats, primary assists, and the effects of new coaches, so that you can be a step ahead of your fantasy competition and also keep up with us as we bounce these numbers around through the season.

We're also joined by social scientist Stefan Wolejszo, who explains that just because we can't see a quality doesn't mean that it's not there. He describes how often misunderstood character traits-- like resilience and leadership-- really can have measurable effects on hockey players and team dynamics.

Show notes:
Stefan's website - www.storiesnumberstell.com/category/hockey/
Stefan's twitter - https://twitter.com/StefanWolejszo

Travis Yost - "Which historical statistics best predict future scoring rates?" 

Carolyn Wilke - "Exploring the impact of hiring a new coach or GM" 

Dom Luszczysyzn - Measuring single game productivity: an introduction to game score
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