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The best hockey podcast in the world hosted by two guys who at one point owned Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.

No. 30 - Sure Shots and Probably Nots

September 9, 2014
As the offseason draws to a close, Keeping Karlsson's fantasy pre-season miniseries rolls on with a primer on the newest players to have joined our list of sure shot, keeper-justified, first round draft pick-worthy fantasy producers

We also take a look at a couple skaters who've lost this hallowed status as a result of their fantasy performances last year, and who you might want to consider taking a round or three later than usual in your draft this year.

Brian and Elan also search for clues on the players who surprised us last year in ways both good and bad, and then dig in to figure out whether their numbers will improve, regress, or stay the same through another full season

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