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The best hockey podcast in the world hosted by two guys who at one point owned Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.

No. 31 - Smörgoåliesbord 2014

September 21, 2014

If you've noticed a conspicuous absence of goalie talk on the last few shows, it's because we saved it all for this episode: it's the Keeping Karlsson Smörgoåliesbord 2014! In the 5th episode of our fantasy preseason miniseries, Elan and Brian talk about nothing except the crucial G spot that can make or break your fantasy hockey team

This episode features a quick rundown of the stats that best reflect a goalie's ability, and throw out a couple newer advanced stats that can help you make your draft-day and keeper decisions. From there, we share our goalie tiers, from elite goalies, goalies you should avoid at all costs, and all the ones in between.

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