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The best hockey podcast in the world hosted by two guys who at one point owned Erik Karlsson in their keeper pools.

No. 68 - Fantasy Hockey Architecture 101

August 2, 2015
As the line between fantasy hockey offseason and preseason begins to blur, the Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast is all about arming you with the knowledge you need to get yourself into a hockey pool for 2015-16.

Elan and Brian have fielded a lot of requests over the last couple seasons for a fantasy hockey primer: "How do I start a league? What are the different types of leagues? How do I draft a team? Which type of league gives me the most fun, most competitive fantasy experience?" In this episode of the show, we go down the fantasy commissioner rabbit hole to explain the pros and cons of different league formats, rule setups, day-to-day management options and everything else that you'll need to know to design or find the best fantasy league for you.

And finally, Elan and Brian put their money where their mouth is and reveal the first details of their blueprints for the Keeping Karlsson Patrons Fantasy Hockey League (KKPFHL), which will have a much cooler and catchier name when we think of one. Listen to the latter part of this episode to find out how we're constructing our amazing league-to-be, as well as how to get in on the action for the KKPFHL's inaugural 2015-16 season!

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